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BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine
BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine

BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine

Product Item:BF8002

Function:Acne Treatment, Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Dark Circles, Face Lift, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover

BF8002 Led Light Therapy Acne Treatment Skin Care Facial Machine



Product introduction and function explains:

1. The product by host, lamp holder, charger 3 parts. Host panel has: the on/off, continuous and intermittent three buttons and corresponding indicator. Lamp holder has the capacitive sensing area, the machine when use rely on human skin trigger work. (function keys was selected) original 5 V / 1 A dc charger.
2. The products are divided into two kinds of work mode, namely: the continuous and intermittent work patterns. Continuous way, don't explain. Intermittent approach refers to on the frequency of 12 LED Hz, accounting for more than 90% empty for light.
3. After startup system self-check 3 times, at this time the indicator light on the host in light, lamp holder on the bright LED. This 3 times with the above phenomenon in the test if normal use of the product. If the lamp holder did not press the right method, install or battery power is not enough, LED lamp holder in bright lights, or automatic shutdown. At this time, should reshipment lamp holder or charging products.
4. Product charge if boot work, directly by the power supply, not consumption of the battery power, but if the battery charge.
5. Boot after 30 seconds without operation or without induction will automatically be turned off.
6. Red, green, blue, purple, yellow this four light; less than 100% conversion efficiency and different from each other, so there will be very little energy into heat energy, light color different heat generation is also different (lead to different light by use of varying lengths of time), so in use when time is longer, have tiny fever belongs to the normal situation.
7. Use in offline appeared in the process of low power, the system will be in 4 sound alarm power off automatically. (in a steep decline gradient power, can appear the shutdown of the phenomenon, this phenomenon speed is normal.) The default normal work 15 minutes to be automatic shutdown.
8. Lamp holder induction area every 30 seconds will automatic calibration, in order to adapt to the environment in different to normal use. In use process of constant way to contact, or close to skin the effect is much better.


The operating instructions:
1. When installation lamp holder confirm lamp holder the arrow on the sign and host of corresponding, according to host mark and then turn the lamp holder, replacement or take down.
2. In the continuous or intermittent key moments, the system will be to the environment sampling calibration, please don't let the lamp holder and skin contact, or you will make lamp holder not bright, at this moment if the lamp holder leave skin contact, then contact lamp holder will work.
3. The lamp holder will induction area every 30 seconds will automatic calibration, use process of constant movement from skin effect is better.
4. The machine is equipped with linear and angles of two kinds of lens of light, if need a direction of the light is, can use linear mirror of light, if you want to get a different Angle of light waves, can use a mirror of Angle of the light, two kind of mirror light piece also can also use stack. Only when the change in the chimney turned on, will mirror in reflectors of light on the four point card is accurate, the cover chimney spin can be good.

Technical Specification


Model  No. BF8002
Type Red,Blue Light Therapy Machine
Color white, blue, brown
Matetrial of body  ABS
Size 195*46*55mm
Weight 202g
LED Quantity 40pcs
Color of light Red, Bule
Wavelenghth red, 625±3nm, bule, 465±3nm
Voltage 3.6V
Working Current  Current: <500mA
Ultrasonic waves: 3MHz
Capacity of lithium battery 1100mAH
Switch ON/OFF,Pulse,Continiuos
Features/functions 1. Skin rejuvenating
2. LED light Therapy
3. Anti-wrinkle,Skin Rejuvenation
Carton Size 55*40*40cm
Package Quantity 20pcs/ctn
Product Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001, ISO13485
Port Xiamen,Shenzhen
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram,PayPal,Trade Assurance
Warranty 1Year
MOQ from 1pc
OEM/ODM 1000pcs with free logo printing
Delivery Time 3 days for sample, 15-25days for order



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